Session Rates

- Bringing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom or school is $40/30 minutes, $50/45 minutes, or $75/60 minutes.

- 8 week long school based mindfulness curriculum is $250 (includes materials)

Classes are twice a week and are 15 minutes long.  The Mindful Schools K-5, Middle, or High School Curriculum is used along with other mindful activities.

- 1:1 private sessions are $45

Each session runs 60 minutes and includes:  mindful and overall awareness of our thoughts, body, and how each show up for us to the best of their ability.  By looking at our mind-body relationship, we begin exploring how we move through life and manage stress.  Learning to connect the two is how we experience a real sense of direction -- forward.

With a 1:1, a questionnaire or in person visit is completed prior to the first session, so that we can collaborate on how our time would best be spent.  Whether it be working on strength, flexibility, balance, or breathing flows.  Together, we will customize a program specific to your or your child's needs.

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