What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment.  It's paying attention on purpose.  Mindfulness can help us learn to pay close attention to many things and help us to calm down when we're angry, upset, sad, frustrated, or have any other difficult emotions.  It can help us to feel happy too, and focus to do well in school, music or sports. 

Here's just a small sample of mindful breathing.


Mindful Breathing

By bringing attention to our breath we can learn to ground ourselves in the present moment.  Allowing our belly balloon to expand and relax.  This practice of observing and focusing on the breath can help us to experience focus and relaxation.




Sit or lie in a comfortable position.  If you feel comfortable, you may let your eyes close.  Keep them open if that is more comfortable for you.


the breath

Begin by moving your attention to your breathing.  Observe each breath as it happens.  If it makes it easier, place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly.  Notice which rises first.  Focus on the rise and fall and the sensation of the breath through your nose.  Try not to alter or change your breathing, just observe it as it happens.

You may find that your mind wanders as your thoughts come forward or you hear noises around you.  This is also the time to be aware of any sensations you have in your body.  Let all of this happen and know that it is ok.  Try to gently bring your attention back to your breath and when you feel ready, bring your awareness back to the space around you.  When you feel comfortable, open your eyes and end the exercise.




Take a few moments to think how this made you feel while you were connecting to your breath, and how you feel in the present moment.