Loma Life Yoga for Autism and Special Needs Mindful Movements Fargo, ND

group classes

Loma Life will be offering classes at 14 1/2 St Studio in Fargo.


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we need to learn how to breathe into the spaces where we hold our physical and emotional pain.

nurture yourself by not competing against your body’s limitations.

I have witnessed and experienced how yoga creates a healing space
for those experiencing chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Creating a place for self-love and compassion to practice movement without the judgement of what a pose should or shouldn’t look like. Together we support a different way of thinking and moving by asking ourselves what both mind and body need in the present moment. Each class will begin with a gentle spine warm up followed by transitional sequences meant to bring awareness into the body. The poses will offer a variety of options for modifications while still getting the benefit of each posture. All yoga poses can be accessible with the use of props, a chair, a bed, a partner, or the wall. When we feel supported and are given a sense of direction, we can achieve alignment and therefore bring our attention to our breath and how we move. With each body being different, we explore by finding the shape of the pose based on each student’s ability. Together we will build a practice based on creativity, playfulness, empowerment, and stress relief to invite healing into our lives both on and off the mat.

Look for classes to start this spring.


Return to self

Returning to Self means reclaiming your power, your worth, and your value. We place such importance on our relationships with others, that we end up overlooking the one relationship that is deeply crucial to our own well-being - the relationship with ourSelf. I have witnessed how yoga and mindfulness provide a healing path for my students, just as it has for me. In this 4 week series, we will begin by cultivating a gratitude for learning to live open-hearted, and finding a way through the physical and emotional pain by moving into therapeutic asana, journaling, and the gentle enhancements of tapping and compassionate touch. Each class we will emphasize the importance of conscious breathing and how it connects with mindful movement for a heightened sense of peace and wellbeing. The more we become self-aware, the more readily we can listen to what our body needs.

  • This class is accessible to all bodies and abilities - but the studio is located on the 2nd floor, with no elevator.

  • Materials will be provided for you, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat to build your sacred space.

  • Sliding scale is available for those who would otherwise be unable to attend, by emailing oolahealer@gmail.com

  • Payment is non-refundable and can be made by PayPal, in the link below.


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Seesaw is a partner pose that encourages social interaction and trust.

Seesaw is a partner pose that encourages social interaction and trust.


Making yoga accessible to all bodies, all abilities. 



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