System Check

HALT.  Right now, are you feeling...

H ungry

A ngry

L onely or

T ired?

So many times we lose our tempers with people because we don't understand the feelings that become so overwhelming in our bodies.  By doing a SYSTEM CHECK, and looking at the reason WHY we might be behaving in a certain way, we can usually come back to one of these reasons.  The irritability that any one of these feelings can bring, can send us into overload.  A situation that we all find ourselves in, from time to time.  So, what do we do about it when we implement our SYSTEM CHECK and find our tummy growling, in need of some food?  We open our 'mindful toolbox' and pull out a breathing exercise that will at least calm our body down enough to communicate our needs to someone.  In a case of the hungry tummy, I am going to suggest deep belly breathing to try and calm down all the growling that is likely going on in there.  Lets try this...

Coming into a comfortable cross legged position, grow your spine nice and tall and let your eyes close.  Take a nice deep breath in through your nose, feeling the cool air enter your nostrils.  Your belly will expand just like a balloon.  Notice how that feels.  As you exhale, see if you can tell if the air is warm or cool, at the tip of your nose.  Do this 5 times, paying attention to your belly expanding as you breath in, and sinking as you breath out.  How do you feel?  I hope your body and your mind have come into a calm space, where you can now communicate your feelings in a healthy way.  If you're still feeling frazzled, add a few more rounds of deep belly breaths. Keep it up!!  You're doing a great job!


*Dr.'s Mitch Abblett and Chris Willard are clinical psychologists, authors and teach both nationally and internationally on mindfulness, positive psychology and psychotherapy.  They designed a 52 card deck of mindfulness practices called Growing Mindful.  In this deck, they discussed the SYSTEM CHECK, H.A.L.T.  It was so great, I wanted to share it with all of you!


Namaste' Yogis!!