Why do we need support?

I remember several years back, to when my son's epileptologist (a fancy name for a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy) told me that the best treatment for his seizure disorder would be yoga and meditation.  Because Logan's kind of seizures are non-epileptic, meaning it was caused by something other than epilepsy (hello anxiety, nice to meet you), we couldn't use the usual medications to treat him.  If I knew then, what I know now, we would have started this practice long ago.  But, we can't go back.  We can only move forward, and I can only speak to what I know...and that is this - yoga, mindfulness, and meditation have completely changed our lives.  I never set out with the intention to teach other children or parents, that just happened.  I hope that through my knowledge and experiences, I can help families support each other in a different way. 

So, what is support?  Why is it important?  How do we offer it to others?  What words come to mind when we think about it?  These words come to mind for me:  strength, stability, courage, healing, motivation, success, and balance.



  1. bear the weight of;  hold up
  2. give assistance to, especially financially;  enable to function or act
  • Nearly everyone will experience anxiety, a sense of worry, or strong feelings and emotions at some point during their day.  But, for some of us, it's something that can affect our daily functioning and send us into OVERLOAD!!!  This isn't something that we can handle on our own.  We need support to help us become successful.
  • We can offer support to others just by asking them what they need and letting them know that we will be standing beside them when and if they need us. 
  • Imaging building a house.  Where do we start?  At the foundation, right?  IF we started at the top, what would we have to support our roof?  Nothing.  It would simply crumble to the ground.  Yoga and mindfulness is exactly the same.  If we can't build a solid foundation, we have nothing to support us, and we fall.  In our practice, and in our life, we need to find strength and stability to build upon.  That is how we continue to grow and succeed.  Let's build a strong foundation...  Because, isn't it all about finding our own strength?  I feel that when I am strong in my body, I feel strong in the world.  I can then 'bear the weight' of more responsibility and more stress, without becoming overloaded.  Let's support each other in finding our strength.  We are all capable.  We are all worthy.  We are all creative.  Now, we can all be strong!!!